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We are an online shop that offers satellites, receivers, and everything related to transmission and conversion into usable signals for entertainment purposes. We have always worked and striven to provide our returning website visitors with the best and most durable products in the market today. If you are to look for a shop online that offers high-quality units, you will only see that ours is the only trusted brand wherever you go.


Aside from the products that we sell, you can also hire us to install your satellites and receivers for you. Just to be clear, our units all come with ready-to-use manuals which customers can utilize to successfully install the satellites. The steps are easy to follow and implement.

But if you do not have the time to read the instructions and do the installation yourself, we can send capable and expert technicians to your home. They can assess the entertainment area and find the best position for their satellite. The placement of the satellite is crucial in the actual reception of the signal. if you just put the satellite on any part of the house, then a good probability of not receiving anything can cause you to doubt your satellite purchase.

But a satellite is only as good as its installation. It is like being in an Amsterdam city trip without even going to the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. You have to make the installation as linear as possible to the guidelines stated in the manual.


Your satellite requires regular maintenance to ensure that it is always functioning at its peak performance. Without proper cleanup and realignment, your satellite and receivers may deteriorate and degrade through time. To prevent any damage to all your units, you should go with the rules provided for you. Make sure to follow every step. Do not skip even a little when doing maintenance work.